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at competitive prices!

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With bi-weekly shipments, we strive to ensure every piece of fruit you get is of utmost freshness and quality.


Our products are available to the London, Manchester and Birmingham at relatively quick notice.

Best Quality

Our uniqueness comes from our abilty to source only the best. This comes with our great partnership with several farms.


Over every one of our shipments we aim to keep bringing the costs down. This is done by streamlining all our processes to become as efficient and cost effective as possible.


All post harvest treatment done to our fruit is always in house and of the highest standard, cleanliness and safety.

24/7Customer Support

Whenever you have a question do not hesitate to ask, wether this is about purchasing. our products or just finding out more!

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Founded in 2021 with the aim of bringing varieties of fruit that are unavailable to the UK to the masses. Fueled mainly by our love and passion of fresh and quality fruit we made this possible!